Open spiral strands for the best performances

Open spiral strands are made of several layers of round wires helically laid around the central core. Redaelli’s Open Spiral Strands have high breaking load and axial elastic stiffness and, high fatigue resistance.  Corrosion protection is guaranteed by Tensofil internal compound and by Zn or even more by Zn95Al5 surface protection that can be further improved with extruded or co-extruded HDPE sheathing. Open spiral strands are thus useful in applications such as cable systems for tension structures, stays for pedestrian bridges, hangers for suspension bridges, guy ropes etc.

Open Spiral Strands are suitable for metal or resin socketing and for swaging socketing.

Technical info

Spiral strand    
Wire coating: Zn or Zn95Al5    
Coating of cable: conventional or HDPE Sheathing; Tensocoat    
Reference standards: EN 12385-10, EN 1993-1-8, EN 1993-1-9,
EN 1993-1-11


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Application fields

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