Semisubmersible vessels HELIX Q4000 DP3 and HELIX Q5000 DP3 are equipped with Teufelberger-Redaelli Flexpack® ropes

Semisubmersible vessels HELIX Q4000 DP3 and HELIX Q5000 DP3, the crown jewels of the US Company Helix Energy Solutions, equipped with Teufelberger-Redaelli Flexpack® ropes.

Teufelberger-Redaelli has been given two noteworthy orders by the US Company Helix Energy Solutions, the primary service provider for the offshore O&G industry and operating its own vessels in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, off the coast of Brazil, in the Asian Pacific and off of West Africa. Two FLEXPACK® (each 92 mm in diameter and 3,400 m long) will be on board the semisubmersible HELIX Q4000 DP3—which was used in containing the oil spill from the DEEPWATER HORIZON disaster in 2010—and the second-generation semisubmersible Helix Q5000 DP3. These two assets are the crown jewels of the Helix fleet.

Both vessels embody the most advanced offshore technology and provide the widest variety of offshore services and activities, such as subsea well intervention, field and well decommissioning, installation and recovery of subsea equipment, well testing and subsea construction up to 3,000 m deep.
The two semisubmersible units are equipped with amazing Huisman deepwater single fall cranes, with lifting capacities of 360 t (Q4000) and 400 t (Q5000). Our 92-mm diameter FLEXPACK® are just the right high-technology ropes to do the main lifting for these high-performance cranes.

As requested, the Flexpack® rope for the Q4000 has been manufactured with a special Zn95% Al5% (zinc aluminium) coating to further enhance the corrosion protection of the steel wire rope in harsh marine/offshore environments and for subsea applications in ultra-deep waters.
Teufelberger-Redaelli customers in the Oil & Gas sector have been increasingly adopting this incremental improvement.